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Susan Rust
Top Shelf Modules
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CEO, Founder

What We DoWe ask maintainers to CRAFT quality modules, which we CURATE. When the modules pass review, we CONTRIBUTE them back to In return, we ask those that benefit from contrib modules to reward this extra work with revenue. 

Who Benefits  more »- Customers- 3rd-party Vendors- Drupal Shops- Drupal Professionals- Contrib Maintainers- Community + Drupal Association + Drupal Project

How We Do It  more »- Vet and connect with top maintainers- We set modules standards- We provide expertise- We test and review modules- They pass review - Receive TSM Approved Badge- Listed as a TSM Module in the Library- Code & badge posted on We market and promote their work

How We Fund Our Work  more »- Buy a Beer- Memberships- Professional Services

Who We AreTop Shelf Modules is a pivot of Drupal Anywhere. We see a need for a business solution to support module maintainers. We experienced the ecosystem of modules crumbling: modules abandoned, unfinished, unmanaged and a crew of discouraged, tired and unpaid maintainers. It seems that Drupal as a CMS is looking at a bleak future. One of Drupal’s main strengths is the power, compatability and number of modules available. Without this, Drupal will be challenged to compete for enterprise business.

Monetizing open-source in a manner that does not change the nature of open-source. This is a grassroots, community-driven process. Without community participation, contrib modules as they are today will impede Drupal’s adoption and retention.