The Page is Dead (Long Live the Page)

Session Details

Remember when building web sites was simple? Managing your company’s “Home Page” meant updating an HTML file, and changing the footer was a task for your text editor’s search-and-replace tool. (On second thought, maybe it wasn’t that easy…) Content management systems like Drupal have made that brute force work a thing of the past, but some of the patterns we learned are still with us. Despite the power of the tools at our disposal, most of us still treat “a page” as the basic unit of content on the web.

The rise of mobile apps, content APIs, and site personalization are making that assumption a thing of the past! Drupal provides us with the tools to build flexible, future-friendly sites – but making the most of them requires new perspectives. In this keynote, Jeff Eaton will explore four Drupal sites whose content required new and interesting approaches to site-building.